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Mark CollyerAs you may or may not have noticed I made my sites for fun, whether others find them fun is not for me to decide. I have been contacted on several occasions by people thinking that not only is my church real, but my budget funerals are real too, which when reading the content is a bit shocking, but there must be a business there, investors are welcome to contact me.
Anybody in the profession who has some good stories or would like to show me how a real funeral business is run, please contact me, as you can see I have no real knowledge about anything on here, beyond guesswork and supposition.
Another strange thing I've seen is religious types getting up in arms about my site, comments on forums like: "reminds me of all the ranting and raving Richard Dawkins does about religion; what's the point, if its not for him just don't participate". My gob has been smacked! It is obvious they have not read any of it or if they have they are unaware of situation based humour. Nothing I have written is pro or anti-church I am happy to reply to e-mails with quotes from my Tenpasenta Church site that uphold this anti-church ranting that they have read.
This site was not designed to offend, but to put another possibly more honest slant on how I see the caring businesses around me. I'm always amused by the pretence that surrounds certain parts of peoples lives, especially by those who make a living from peoples emotions and use it to aid profits.
We all know the realities of life and death, but must we all pander to the fake niceties that many expect from the professions? We can all laugh when we're not emotionally involved, I know. I've been through a few things and my own Fathers death led to a long depression, this site is for him and me, I know he would have found parts of it funny, and doing the web site is helping me, as for the writing, well you can see I'm not too hot at grammar, but you can get the gist of it.
This site is built using Dreamweaver CC without which I wouldn't have a clue about web design. Everything done on Dreamweaver and Photoshop is self-taught over the past 4 years or so, so don't expect too much quality or cleverness. Everything here is for my amusement and getting at the top of Google searches is a nice bonus, anyone who tells you web building is difficult is talking out of their arse! Maybe they have a big ego or like to charge money for their skill, but it's easy, anybody can do it, I'm the proof, an out of work lethargic bellend, do you want a simple site? Maybe I could make a few quid out off you?
Enjoy my sites or hate my sites, but for about £40 a year they keep me out of trouble, and now that I've added adverts it's free!

Mark Collyer.

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